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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  January 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 (mark we're following a developing story next at ten. a child is fighting for his life after being hit by a car. where the accident happened.. and how the boy is doing.. when the news starts in sixty seconds.
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>> if you do not need to be on the streets, you shouldn't be on the streets. >> yeah, winter's fury in full force tonight, an historic blizzard strikes, effecting millions of people. >> if it happened to me, it can happen to anybody. >> yes, the chief of police. how his name was tied to an e.b.t. fraud ring. >> are you going wear that or another costume? >> what to wear?
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invasion is upon us. >> anchor: good evening and welcome on this friday night. kelley has the night off. developing tonight a massive blizzard hammering parts of the atlantic see seaboard and it's expected to pile you will all night, upwards of 2 feet of snow expected to fall in d.c. and the surrounding areas. thousands of plows are getting ready to plow the roads. >> it's a good thing we got that image of the white house right now because i think at times tonight you are not even going to be able to see the white house from that camera view, about an eight of a mile were. mg were. this is just tex book, textbook. and things start to get going
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and the first flames flakes starting to fly up around new york. and d.c. has a chance of beeting all beatingall north side and records, and philadelphia as well and perhaps new york. this is not just an event for tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon, it will be on-going right into tomorrow night, not until nome night, early sunday morning that things really start to wrap up and by the time it's all said and done, perhaps 16-24 inches in roanoke and the biggest snowfall totals just north of that, d.c., 24 to 30 inches and some folks north and west end up with more than
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harrisburg, 12-18 and philly 18-24, but with the latest models pouring in that may be a conservative estimate, no doubt causing huge travel headaches across the east coast and it's the wind gusts out there, up and down the coastline, 30, 40, even at times 50 miles per hour. this nor'easter is really going to get going tomorrow, cranking region. and so a huge blizzard for them and on the south side, we get the cold air pouring in and the wind gusts and that means a cold and chilly gasparilla that day. >> thousands of travelers hoping to fly out of tia are instead going to be spending the weekend here. several major airports suspended service at least until sunday and others are dealing with
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>> basically a mess across the eastern seaboard. just a few minutes ago more than 7500 flights are canceled for tonight and tomorrow. the bulk of those are headed to or from airports in the midatlantic and the northeast. and you might just as well put up that snow map and the heaviest cancellations are where the heaviest snow totals are. this is a list of the airports closed because of the impending snow. d.c. area. and baltimore-washington doesn't expect to resume operations until sunday, and philadelphia international says it will close through saturday right now. and tam tampa international has more than 50 flights cancel and that just shows the ripple effect that this storm is having across the country at airports. you see the schedule board there
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out of tampa will be canceled for tomorrow. again, most of those coming from the d.c. area, baltimore, and philly, charlotte douglas close right now because of ice. and we found a lot of people waiting on relatives to arrive and several had to wait for hours. this woman is worry buendia worried about what she is going to return tomorrow to if they gets to return home. >> i'm worried about the wet snow and wind and that meaning the power lines go out and then there is no heat in the house. >> my brother is coming down from rhode island and he had to stop in philly and looks like he is delayed. they were supposed to drive back with a vehicle to new york on saturday and i don't think that is going to happen. >> i just checked again, and 42 flights tomorrow out of tia are cancel and so best advice for travelers just check with your
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because there are delays at hub airports all over the cup because of what is happening on the east coast. airports in washington, d.c. and baltimore are hoping to resume service by noon sunday, we'll have to see if that holds and most airlines are waives the rebooking fees for travelers. >> and we had to show you this powerfullismage powerful image from arlington. while most of the population hunkered down there was a soldier on duty at the tomb of the unknowns. and this storm is not expected to wrap up until tomorrow night. the snow is really picking up. two feet of snow, and that is a lot of snow. is the city prepared for that? >> i will tell you what, chris
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and i'll tell you what, don't leave, stay in tampa. take my advice, it's miserable out here. in just the last hour or so the winds are really whipping up and i am no meteorologist but i paid attention to this all week long. they are calling for this about a week out and one of the things the forecasters have been saying that the winds are going to whip up late into saturday morning and again over the last hour we are seeing a significant pick-up in the acceleration of the wind coming out of the east. one of the other anchors i was talking to talked about how the right side of my face was completely covered with snow because the wind is coming from this direction and just blasting us. so obviously in terms of taking care of the infrastructure and the roads, it is a major, major challenge. we got a little dusting two nights ago from a clipper and
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it caused plays with just half an inch of snow on the ground and today they are salts and plowing the roads but imagine what 30 inches of snow could do to the nation's capital. >> we see this with hurricanes a lot, people want to get out and see what is happening but with the snow this is not a good time for them to be out and about. are people cooperating? home. >> you get tourists who want to take photos but to use the old news cliche, your director may be upset with me, but it's a bit of a ghost downtown town down here. it's cold and windy and a little bit wet and you don't want to be out here in the first place and so the best thing to do is stay indoors and stay safe.
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all right, new at 10:00, nearly a dozen people are behind bars accused or a fraudulent e.b.t. card, and deputies say they stole identitied to do it even a legal police chief was a victim, and a lot of money involved in these cases. >> we are talking about thousands in alleged fraudulent activity and deputies say these criminals proved they would steal just about anyone's identity to get the cards they wanted. >> you are watching suspected criminals in action. thieves allegedly stealing from the government and in many cases stealing identitied to do so. >> if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. >> this man is usually on the instigating side but this time he is a victim of identity theft. >> it's scary to wonder who is out there and how they get the information.
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info even his social security number and then used it to order an e.b.t. from the government and they used it several times. >> i'm shocked at how they got my social security number. >> it started to come together nl march when stephanie scransen willeford used a fraudulent e.b.t. card. >> it's with her information that this whole investigation started. >> and that led them to some of her family and friends, all a part of a crime ring and involving as many as 11 people. >> we have video and proveable evidence of around $10,000 in fraudulent activity. >> and a spokesperson said using e.b.t. cards is like stealing from poor people. >> who does that. >> and that is why this chief is relieves to hear that this case
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>> it's unbelievable that people use fraud to get that money and take it out of the mouths of the people who need it. i'm glad they got them. >> you heard the sheriff's spokesperson say $10,000 in provable provable evidence and that may be just a fraction of the crimes committed. right now that is what they can approve prove at this point. >> it just seems too easy to get away with. aaron mesmer, reporting, thanks. over. >> i still think they are intoxicated by the sort of look look-at-me world of social
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3 3 thousands of families will line bayshore boulevard in just hours to welcome the first major >> it's that time, in just a few ho line bayshore boulevard to welcome gasparilla. and evan, they better be ready. >> reporter: mark, it seems like they are, and the bleachers are set and the tents are up, everything seems to be ready for the floats to make their way down bayshore kick off gasparilla 2016. >> for little from little girls to grown men, no one seems to be able to get enough of buccaneer bead selections, a gasparilla staple. >> i was growing up here and i remember the shells they would shoot and the coins but now it's changed to beads. >> some beads are standard and
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>> it's just nice. these are kind of funky and i have not seen these, flip-flop beads and palm-tree beads and classic pearls. >> and >> a good bead is something with a lot of thought and a boring bead is what you find just walking around. >> saturday they will all be on display at the gasparilla children's parade. the last-minute preparations are being made and the bleachers and tents are up and the fireworks loaded on to barges in the bay, and now a all that is left to do is the floats and the cute kids. >> are you going to wear that or another costume? this tomorrow? >> andng t wheeled around in? >> a wagon. >> and we have you covered for
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our live coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. and then stick around to watch the pyrotechniques fireworks show at 7:00. all of that on fox 13 and streaming on >> sounds like a lot of fun, evan, thank you very much. should be a fun day, and all things considered we'll take the chilly temperatures and breeze over -- >> over the 2 feet of snow. >> and i remember one year when we had a front come through. >> at least this is going to be chilly but clear skies. and it is going to be chilly. you are going to need to budle up bundleup but the good news is you can always add on another layer and that is better than 90 degrees and sunny. and here is the view from today. this is the hilton beach cam,
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building through the afternoon and evening. the wind wind wind gusts occasionally above miles per hour, 30 miles per hour, and i would not be surprised if they were not seeing 4, 5, 6, 7 feet or so on the waves. all of these quick-moving showers don't make it inland very far, mainly those seeing rain tonight are west of 75,. the weather headlines for the headline is the wind. and so very, very windy. we are talking about gusts above 30 miles per hour, and inland as well, gusting up to 40, with that gale warning. yeah, gale-force gusts gusts especially offshore meaning waves at 11 to 1414
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adjust that because i'm seeing some up to 15 feet, the bay itself, very, very rough waters and at the beaches, high surf and rip currents. the good news is not that many folks want to go swim whg ming when the water temperatures are 50 degrees like they are right now. and as i mention thrd are ed there are a couple of 15-foot waveheights off shore and you don't have to head too far to see waveheights of 7 to 8 feet, and in fact you can extend this down to southeasta key and ana maria island as well, and that is why the bay itself will be very rough. wind gusts gusting mainly right now near the coasts up to 30 and that spreads inland for tomorrow. this is the forecast and this is
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shows winds gusting above 30 miles per hour, at times into tomorrow morning and right into tomorrow afternoon, and you imagine 4:00 tomorrow, and you have gusts stating 20 po 30 miles per to 30miles per hour, and temperatures dipping into the 40's, winds still gusting to 30, and so just one of those chilly days. certainly plan ahead, and here is a look at your forecast for the day. 53, hanging in the low 50's all day and there is the pyrotech neck extravaganza. 71 the high, and 60 the low, current temperature hitting at 61, dewpoint of 50, so it's not all that cold but if you step outside t feels chilly, the reason being the wind out of the west at 16 and gusting to 28, and other temperatures around the area, mid to
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the north and mid to upper 50's along the coast and that wind is going to help drive in colder air for tomorrow. for the day tomorrow, an early shower, otherwise just cold, windy, variable clouds and 54, and then comes the coldest night of the season. 60 degrees for sunday and sunday we lose the breeze. back into the mid to upper 60's and then low 70's for tuesday and wednesday, the next shot at rain arriving wednesday and thursday. >> mike, thanks.
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mark(/ developing >> developing right now at 10 clp 10:24, a child was hit by a minivan. police say an 11-year-old boy was struck by a car after he ran out right into the middle of the busy road. >> this young free throw and fellow and a friend of his were running from the parking lot and running out into the roadway. the first three lanes of traffic were stopped. they cleared the three lanes and as the young man entered into the eastbound turn lanes he was
10:25 pm
>> he suffered serious injuries survive. his friend was not hurt and the children were not in a crosswalk he is, just either. no charges have been filed. >> and will the president of mexico want el chapo guzman out of his country as soon as possible and he is fast-tracking his trip out. >> one man who is famous for tunneling under the earth is that in the news again. >> the attorney general of the republic which is the appropriate party to handle this in the mexican justice system is following a process that should be followed because of the crimes of which guz
10:26 pm
>> we are working in favor of the extra addition. extra extradition but the job theattorney general's office has is to speed up the work -- >> attorneys for guzman want to block his extradition -- guzman tunneled his way out of a mexican maximum security prison in 2013 months before meeting with sean penn and penn says the mexican government is trying to put him in the cross-hairs of the sinaloa cartel.
10:27 pm
several crimes in mexico and the united states and charges include everything from drug trafficking to murder. >> well, tonight, officer david starling was completing a routine police report at an intersection when a man walked up to his vehicle and fired several gunshots. the officer was able to make evasive action but he was hit by one of the shots. he maintained his composer enough amazingly to call for police assistance despite the shooting. >> he got on the radio as the subject began to flee and called out a dription of description of the vehicle and the suspect and as he looked at the vehicle, the vehicle made contact with him, backed up and ambushed the officer by discharging a firearm in the direction of the officer. >> and he is now in custody tonight.
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3 the primaries ... are coming up >> so here we go. the primaries are coming up fast, just a week away from the caw caucuses in iowa and we knew this was about to happen. about time. how the feud could effect this big race now. >> ten days out and it's feeling like a two-man race on the republican side with trump fazing facing cruz. >> i want immigration reform to pass and allow those here illegally to come out of the shadows. >> meantime he is attacking trump on eminent domain.
10:31 pm
pot to enrich the fat cats who bank roll them, including trump. >> and there were a number of conservative voices in an editorial saying quote, donl trump donaldtrump is a menace to american conservative what who would take -- and trample it underfoot. -- sad. and yet on april 25 of last year, trump tweeted to the publication, really important to save national review from going out of business. we need a true conservative voice. >> donald trump needs to defend why he was supportive of bill and hillary clinton and gave money to her campaign and felt
10:32 pm
with iran, and not that long ago he was antisecond amendment. >> in new hampshire rubio took this swipe at cruz. >> people are learning about cruz. he portrays himself as a conservative and donald and the press and others are started to point that out, i feel optimistic. >> and with the northeast bracing for snow ma go maggedon. chris christi has to believe the campaign trail. >> and how soons gathered to honor 12 fallen here rows. the helicopter squadron health a memorial service to honor
10:33 pm
several of the fallen had children, two were newlyweds. >> they were in the prime of their lives, with joy and hope, only to be taken from us in an instant. logic cannot help us to understand the details of this tragedy but we can lean on each other for support. >> the flags will fly at half staff in honor of their service and sacrifice. >> and two are injured after a school shooting in saskatchewan, canada. it's unclear home died at the school. the town's mayor would only say a bhail a male with a gun is under arrest. >> and apple ceo tim cook met with the pope in vatican city tampa general hospital.
10:34 pm
tonight. and the meeting cook handed the cope a check. the vatican has not said how much it was for. and you have to be pretty dumb to brag about a crime that you committed or postevidence of post evidence of it on social media. i mean, who would do that? well, turns out, quite a few. we take a look at some of the -- shall we say not-so-bright moves that have landed some thieves thieves in jail. >> whether it's posting portraits from a stolen eye iphone there is no shorten of stupid criminals. >> first up the surveillance
10:35 pm
this guy was caught eyeing on iphone, but the owner has surveillance video uploaded on to the phone, hello. >> that is a bad selfie. police. next up the bragging burglars. they made a cell phone video explaining why the cash, jewelry stole. looks like a rap video but this clever quartet is suspected of half a dozen burglaries. you would think they would not post, but you would be wrong. >> i still think they are intoxicated by the sort of look-at-me world of social media and if they are going to pull off something like a theft, they
10:36 pm
their new stuff and being gangsta about it. >> these gangstaa got arrested. >> this woman stole a phone at a bar and then posted these selfies on her facebook page. >> and she posted their selfies on facebook and they went viral. when this woman home was burglarized the owners checked their computers and found out that the thieves were still logged on to facebook. they arranged a secret meet up and when they arrived the police were waiting. >> for the thieves who have gone to the trouble of stealing everything, they need to show owl all of their i
10:37 pm
>> and their posting is making the job of law enforcement a heck of a lot easier. >> still to come, a badge controversy seems to be brewing. >> what a better way to enjoy the super bowl than having being worn on that you are badge.
10:38 pm
wearing3 tonight at 11... another attack on an uber driver... >> coming up tonight at 11:00, another attack on an uber driver but this one courtesy of an unlikely attacker. >> what are you doing? >> that is just what she did inside his car. the consequences this florida doctor is now facing for lashing out at that uber driver. and a local clerk held at gun point, and the string of robberies detectives say this one man is responsible for. >> all right, thanks.
10:39 pm
but a controversy is brewing over the very badges that first responders are said to wear. >> the preparations are well underway, and the santa clara police department has a major role in making sure it goes off without a hitch. >> we are working with our partners and surrounding agencies and federal partners. >> and now these officers are wearing the super bowl logo with pride. >> it gives us a sense of pride and what better way than to have it worn on your badge. >> they are paying for their own badges which cost about $150 each, but not every department can wear them. the san francisco officers have them but they are not allowed to
10:40 pm
chief doesn't want multiple badges confusing people, and others have had their feathers ruffled because they are not even allowed to buy them. >> the chief felt it did not rise to the occasion to replicate our badge. >> at firefighter union headquarters this is a hot-button issue. >> it's upsetting to me and our member. >> while the chief made the decision, their union was applied with the nfl to create badges of their own, and they would just say local 798 instead of the san francisco fire department. >> i love this city and i want to represent my city and i think it's unfortunate that we are not given that opportunity to represent our firedepartment. >> the california highway patrol has given permission to their
10:41 pm
>> and an opportunity to meet the glazers and the teammates he is part of a ring of honor, and when he was playing the coaching staff didn't want him playing free safety. >> and i saw this video this morning and i could not believe 3 (chris) caught on camera, but not yet caught by police, thieves stealing a church bus
10:42 pm
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the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. >> we have seen some amazing things from these dash cameras, and you have to watch carefully but a deputy in oregon was driving down a busy highway when he saw this. and he had already slowed down because he was going 45, 50 miles per hour, and look at that, he is already at a state. >> it looks like a little animal. >> a 2-year-old boy right in the middle of the road. >> wow. >> and it was amazing. he was right in the middle of the road, and look at the tracker trailer. >> that is incredible. >> the boy apparently slipped out of an open door of a community center when they were packing up and we don't want to judge, we know it can happen
10:44 pm
this as a reminder that we all need to be looking. put down your phone, and it was a miracle he saw him. >> and you would never expect to see that. >> and the phone thing -- even an "ok" text in the two seconds it takes to text that. >> and bravo to him for seeing him. >> police department across the country getting negative attention i think it's cool to see video like this. >> you i got a phone call complaining about kids playing basketball in the streets, can you believe that? i don't know who called, it. >> this police officer was dispatched to a complaint of kids playing basketball too loudly and instead of reprimanding them, he joined the game and asked if they would be there tomorrow and he would
10:45 pm
all play. this is about 40 kids playing basketball with this police officer, out in the street. >> somebody complained -- >> yeah, too loudly at basketball in the streets. >> in a world where kids are locked on their video games, you want them to get out -- >> and after a while there were 30 to 40 kids. >> they all want to dunk on the cop. >> where do the neighbors live? something? >> how do you complain about basketball being too loud. >> he sent a good message for sure. >> and check this out, cool space video is trending. you ever wonder if you could play ping-pong in space? equipment, you can. this is astronaut scott kelley and if you don't follow scott kelley on twitter you absolutely have to.
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drop of water, and i believe it's 4 milliliters of water, and nasa posted this and it's been viewed more than 40,000 times and those paddles are special, i think with a teflon covering and little micro beads almost, and so it creates this superhydrophobic plane. >> and you have to be careful wl that one drop of water up there. you don't want it to become 6,000 drops of water. >> that would be bad. >> houston we have a problem. >> they explain that it's a lot easier to play this with a small drop of water than a big drop. >> that is cool. >> amazing. >> i was doing eight in my garage on the table and it was still working effectively. and this defense was i think
10:47 pm
bowls and john lynch was one of the faces of that tampa, too, and now his name will hang high in the buccaneer ring of honor. lynch is the next in line to get that honor, and it's funny now but when he was drafted by the bucs, the offensive coordinator, floyd peters at the time, did not want to use him as a free safety. >> when you came in '93, they wanted to make you a linebacker didn't they? >> they did, and peters did not call me by my name, he called me rookie, and he compared me to scott studwell all the time, but that hardened me and i eventually won freud over, floyd over and my career took off.
10:48 pm
>> and putting on a gold jacket? jewel, what would july what would that mean for you. >> i think everyone knows how highly i regard tony, and we bowl without work that tony put in, and i always have a place in my heart for him and for the fact that he was responsible for everything that happened. we'll see, this is my third time as a fiemist finalist and i feel like there was good momentum but i'm sitting back and forgetting that i was even mentioned for it. >> and this is supposed to be warmer in charlotte on sunday, 40 degrees and sunny but it definitely had to be on the cold side in practice today.
10:49 pm
goes to the super bowl, and the pregame at 6:00, and a kickoff at 6:30, and we'll have the postgame wrap-up after the game ends. this year tony stewart is going to call it a career after this season, and fox is reporting that stewart changed his diet and is working out something he never used to go heading into a season, and of course he would like to finish with a 500 win. he has done everything but win the 500. >> i would love that and it would be great to do it at daytona right after off the bat. that would be a perfect year, and i could stop after that and clap out like a dealer in vegas and not look back. the biggest thing is if i could run better than last year --
10:50 pm
are not used to doing that but if we can gain on that and have fun this year, that is a realistic goal. >> and he was a lot better than that. >> he needs a mic drop moment for sure. can you imagine him in the audio booth? and looking for food, music and
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>> all righty, welcome back. i want to show you some of the storms that rolled through earlier today. this one out in zephyrhills. and you can see the clouds. that is what that line of storms that rolled on in but once it went through, i mean, it was a pretty nice-looking afternoon in terms of the sun, and a nice-looking sunset. look at this one. kelley lange with this beautiful ending to the day looking out over the bay. all in all, a good ending to the bay. overall water vapor loop, a lot of dry air in place, and you notice this is what is to the north. plenty of moisture, funneling in off of the atlantic.
10:53 pm
to bring in additional moisture and satellite and radar and the snow making its way toward new york city. we talked about 16 to 24 inches for southern virginia and upwards of three 3 feet possible from d.c. and up to harris hurg harrisburg and that area as well. wind gusts pushing 30 to 40, and temperatures only in the mid 50's and then the coldest night of the season, and you get i don't know that and it's looking chilly for sunday afternoon. i will have numbers for the children's parade coming up on the fox 13 11:00 news. >> for most of the country that is not snowed in, drivers will be enjoying low gas prices. national average falling for a 16th straight day.
10:54 pm
and meantime it was a december to remember for the housing market. sales rising in the final month of 2015 capping off the best month in over a decade. and stocks rallying again, this time boosting by rising oil price, up 210, capping a volatile month of trading. and the winter white house, sometimes called camelot, has items going up for auction. >> and here are your winning lotto numbers. before we go here at 10:00, this
10:55 pm
the eighth annual palm harbor citrus festival got under way just a few moments ago. it features features carnival games and food and music. they celebrate citrus in farming. organizers say it's a family-friendly event that is easy on your wallet. >> parking is all along the side streets and admission is free to the festival. of course you need tickets for the carnival rides but free to come out and have a good time. >> yes, indeed. this is the first year that the festival has happened in january. the king and queen pageant happens on saturday. should be a lot of fun. and time now for the fox 13 11:00 news, here is chris. >> anchor: a local ministry that helps others is the one in
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